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Introducing Valet Trash & Recycling at StoneGate Apartment Homes

Graphic detailing information for the  Valet Trash & Recycling  service for StoneGate Apartment Homes in WNY

Years of hauling trash to the dumpster are over! StoneGate is pleased to announce a brand new service! Valet Trash and Recycling are now included in our amenity package. After careful consideration, we are partnering with Valet Living to bring this service to members of our apartment community. Valet Living is the only nationally-recognized full service amenities provider for the multi-family industry. We are excited to be working with them on behalf of our residents. 

Valet service means your trash and recyclables will be picked up at your doorstep five days a week — a definite plus, especially during inclement weather; no more hauling trash out to the dumpster! We are pleased to include this new amenity for our StoneGate residents. 

Please refer to the information you have previously received for details regarding pick-up schedules, preparing for pick-up, recycling guidelines, and for the dedicated support service number. Recyclable items include plastic, paper, metal, and glass. Key highlights for prepping trash and recyclables: 

  • Bag and tie all waste
  • Double bag pet waste

  • Break down all cardboard boxes 

  • Bundle newspapers and magazines

  • Aim to keep bags at 25 lbs or less

  • Place items out between 5-7PM

This is a new service, and our goal is to make a seamless transition; however, there may be changes and improvements implemented along the way to make it a better experience for everyone.   

We hope you enjoy using this service, another way we provide a worry-free lifestyle here at StoneGate Apartment Homes. Let us know how this service is making a difference for you!