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Decorate Your WNY Apartment for Valentine's Day

A Valentine's decoration featuring hearts hung up on a clothesline with clothespins creating a whimsical decoration for an apartment.

Here at StoneGate Apartment Homes, we have some ideas to infuse your apartment with some lovely images, textures, and more by decorating it with Valentine’s Day in mind! Today we have ideas for a few Valentine’s Day-themed crafts and decor ideas for you to try in your apartment here in Williamsville, NY.

Candy Heart Garland from Tell Love and Party

Decorating with a themed garland is a must for any holiday or season: it’s festive, and it’s easy to make and personalize to your tastes. Plus, garlands leave a visual impact, whether you’re going all out and making the elements of it really intricate or you’re going for a more minimalistic route. This particular garland just has you cutting out a bunch of paper hearts, stamping words on them, punching holes into them, and stringing bakers twine through them.

Heart Tree from Money Hip Mamas

This idea won’t take much out of you — just enough time to pick some branches, find a vase or pitcher, and use a hot glue gun for the assembly. Cut out your own paper hearts or buy some glitter or felt ones to create the look you’re going for. This is a classy and fun way to add just a touch of Valentine’s Day spirit to your apartment.

LOVE Wall Art from Momista Beginnings

A similar type of project as the previous craft, this fingerpainting-themed craft is perfect for those with a creative spirit. It also utilizes stencils to let the artist dip their fingers directly in paint and have at it, creating a beautiful masterpiece as they do.

What are your favorite ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day or for this time of year in general? Let us know in the comments so we can all get inspired! Thanks for reading. Good luck and have fun crafting. Have a great February.